Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blood Alliance

This 2007 spilt pairs two Quebecois bands: Csejthe and Ziel Bevrijd. Csejthe starts it off with some hokum LOTR intro and then the raw scrape of French Canadian Black Metal endures for five more tracks. Csejthe is decent enough but their contribution here suffers from a lack of consistency in production. Ziel Bevrijd's Black Metal is a bit more Norse sounding, dynamic, and melodic. Ziel Bevrijd are more interesting, but both bands compliment each other well and share a similar aesthetic. Their alliance of blood resulted in an engaging piece of winter-forged Quebecois dark art.

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Matt Sloan said...

Thanks for the share, Aesop. And triple illumination of the bands and the proper usage of peeps from Quebec.