Friday, January 13, 2012

Siamese Twins

This one was nicked from the brilliant I Could Die Tomorrow blog, my favorite source for keeping up on what the kids are listening to. Every so often they drop something so perfect I just have to pass on the wisdom. Most recently I stumbled across this gorgeous demo from a Boston-based dream pop/post punk/whatever band called Siamese Twins. Over the six beautiful and dour tunes on their debut tape, the Siamese Twins offer enough wispy atmosphere, delicious guitar hooks, and charmfully (I made that word up) sweet singing to immediately win you over. Simply stunning, I hope there is more to come.


the wizard said...

This made a woefully late appearance into my life, but these tunes are perfect. There is an EP on the horizon, and they have a live lineup to entertain lucky Boston residents later in 2012.

Erik said...

While I haven't posted a comment in a while. I just want to thank you, Aesop. I'm in the the process of a bad fucking breakup. Your blog keeps me breathing.

Just... Thank you.