Tuesday, January 3, 2012

False Confession

One of my favorite of the batch of Nardcore releases put out by the shady Mystic Records in the 1980s. False Confession bore many of the trappings of the other bands in the scene but these Oxnerds had a more goth image and on occasion a bit of the ol' Death Rock crept into their hardcore. Shame these guys recorded output doesn't amount to much more than this excellent 7" and a few appearances on Mystic's numerous comps.


philbrick said...

this record is great. Somewhere out there on the interweb there's a 17 song demo that's really awesome too. At some point in the early 2000's Doug Moody created a web page for mystic records and re-released the Dr. Know discography as well as a comp or two. On the web page it said that the false confession discography was next on his list but it never came to be. The bands must've caught on.

pavel said...

stoked to hear this!