Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pray For Metal

Never mind the crazy cover art depicting a topless barbarian princess holding a weird axe in one hand, and precariously balancing a skull in the other while she dances seductively in front of a giant Menorah. There is so much more to this album than all that, well maybe not. You do, however, get four pretty rocking Heavy Metal anthems delivered somewhat sloppily by some spirited lads from Linkoping, a bullshit town known for volleyball and making Saabs.


The Wolf said...

Axewitch rule!!! One of the best FWOSHM bands other than the mighty Heavy Load.

GRK. said...

Heard the first two albums ("He's! An axe. Victim!") but not this one. Ta.

Carm said...

I just noticed, is that a giant menorah?