Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beneath Lucifer's Eye

Finnish purveyors of raw and uncompromising Black Metal, Syopa, released two grotesque demos in 2005 and then called it a night. Beneath Lucifer's Eye was the second of the two. Syopa ("cancer" in Finnish) have rather traditionalist approach to Black Metal, favoring lyrics about Satan, and blaspheming the name of Christ at every available opportunity. This kind of rigid adherence to evil and just pure, unfiltered, Black Fucking Metal is at times more refreshing to me than "groundbreaking" or "forward-thinking" bands. There is a simplistic beauty to Syopa's orthodoxy. I'm sure Lucifer was pleased.


jabladav said...

I just want to say a big FUCK YOU to the douchebag that tried to burn the flight into D'town. Now I get to spend just a "little" more time in the airport. Thanks asshole.

GRK. said...

Thanks for yet more ugliness.

Funeralmoth said...

O, wow, i know a lot of finnish bands, this ever escaped me. Great, thanks!