Monday, December 7, 2009


I don't have a whole lot of info on this fucked up little punk record from Italy. The band is called Underage, the EP is called Africani, and it was released in 1983 on the Attack Punk label. Reminds me a little of an Italian Disorder. Frantic shit.


Behold said...

Cool blog Aesop - congrats on the new Ludicra!

I just spent several [mostly unpleasant] years living with your Ex at Capp Street, believe it or not!

Aesop said...

And who would that be?

Behold said...

Her name begins with the letter J.

Slobodan Burgher said...

LOL comments

WOW Italian Disorder (not sure I've heard this)

the wizard said...

this UNDERAGE record fucking rules...hadn't heard this one at all, many gracias-es, mi amigo.

and also...Kaos Jack is living on Capp Street?

Aesop said...

You mean my ex, Kaos Jack? Yeah, he been over there since his SSI was cut off. He thinks he's a werewolf, we'd tell him he isn't but we need the werewolf eggs.

Anonymous said...

It was the first Neaples Hc band.After few years they splitted.
The singer has a personal website.
Recently was printed an anthology which includes Ep and rare tracks, even one live recordings.

snotty said...

this was probably the first punk stuff coming out of napoli as you said
they were very much involved in the political punk scene that was going on in the beginning of the 80's in Italy
I saw them a bunch of times in Torino, Bologna and hang out with the singer(great smoker)everytime we had the chance to meet
Thanks to have reminded me this one

Anonymous said...

Of nothing :)

The singer as is written in his bio, he is teacher in Czech Republic.

The hc italian scene was wonderfull at those time.... :)