Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here's another lost demo from the extremely fertile Swedish Death Metal scene of the early '90s. Abemal hailed from the town of Atvidaberg, which seems to be a boring town best known for its football team and its calculator factory. But perhaps it is the crushing ennui of these tiny Swedish towns that inspired so much brilliant metal. Abemal's 1994 demo is exactly what you might expect, reliable, down-tuned guttural teenage Death Metal. A couple of these dudes went on to form the more melodic Black/Death band Algaion, who never really caught my interest.


TMM said...

Kind of Charming

hkso said...

I think this was the guy from Algaion that torched a library in linköping during mid-90s.

Anonymous said...

I like your use of the word "ennui".