Sunday, July 17, 2011


Art Taylor was a highly respected and well liked drummer on the scene who had lead a couple of groups, mainly Taylor's Wailers and Taylor's Tenors in the fifties. In 1960 Blue Note put Art in the studio with Stanley Turrentine, Dave Burns, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, and Carlos Valdes. The band churned out top notch renditions of classics by Monk and Coltrane, a couple of Kenny Dorham pieces, a tune by Denzil Best, and one original from Taylor himself. The session was released shortly after bearing the title A.T.'s Delight. Throughout his career Art carried a tape recorder and conducted interviews with some of the most brilliant and legendary figures in Jazz. His subjects were often more candid (sometimes disturbingly so) and relaxed with Taylor than they would be with a white journalist or music critic. The best of these interviews were compiled into a fascinating book titled Notes and Tones. If you should stumble upon it and are remotely interested Jazz and it's pantheon of greats I recommend picking it up. In the mean time, enjoy A.T.'s Delight.


noname said...

hum. hope my sunday would have been more on the metallic edge (totally subjective thought). keep up the good work !
cheers !

Gary Sisco said...

Thanks. I appreciate the jazz you put up here.

Addison said...

just started reading the book, fascinating so far. thanks for the recommendation