Saturday, July 9, 2011

R.I.P. Würzel

Thanks for the Rock


Hec_The_Wreck said...

This sucks R.I.P.Würzel
Orgasmatron will always be one of the best Motorhead albums ever!

JottEff said...

That´s a bummer...
I love Motörhead in all carnations, but I always thought that during the 4 piece period, Würzel represented the band better than Phil.

Mr. Campbell might be the better player but Würzel was simply put - MOTÖRHEAD!

R.I.P. Michael Burston

bob the all night rocker said...

i like that he was in a crust band afterwards,he hella kept it real


caleb said...

he was even punk rock enough to release an ambient album called Chill Out or Die in 1998.


Gary Sisco said...