Monday, May 23, 2011

Atrocity Exhibition

Atrocity Exhibition was the first release from CFDL, which, of course, stands for Crazy Fucked (up) Daily Life. Clearly influenced by the old Japanoise gods, Confuse, CFDL inject more Discharge-isms and the break neck speed of power violence into this brief statement. That dog on the cover is CFDL, that thoroughly annoyed hippie is you.


Anonymous said...

Dude you're back killer indeed ,caught you with Agalloch in Georgia, a top show on my list & that goes back to say 1982.Keep up the excellent work brother!!!

Tom said...

This record is pretty sweet, especially the dual vocals. The cover is also very fitting. I think that guy looks pretty crusty and would enjoy the music!

Anonymous said...

CFDL were always classified under the anarcho crustcore file, probably because of the discharge influence. However they always had their own sound.

Listen to the vocals of their two tracks on the Discharged comp. (comp of, yup, Discharge covers).

Also back in the day of 90 min. $3 cassette distros there was a discography tape of their floating around. This was a good deal.

Thanks for the post!

Fritz said...

Happy to see you post this! High quality stuff that I've grown attached to here, so inspirational! Crazy Fucked-up Daily Life!

Anonymous said...

i love the vocals on this.