Friday, May 13, 2011

Atto I

Ovskum are a very lo-fi depressive Black Metal band from Italy. Atto I is the band's fourth demo, later it was pressed to vinyl along with the follow up, Atto II. After a minimalist guitar/vocal intro piece the band oozes into a mopey Burzumoid lurch and then closes with another guitar piece. Somber, despondent, and poorly recorded weirdo art.


Metal2hu said...

I agree with the weirdo part. Just look at that cover art. The band's other releases have covers just like this one, mostly consisting of nothing more than wild scribbles.

ido said...

That cover art is unsettling. It just wandered out of someones depressed mind. Right onto the paper.

Can't wait to listen to this. Thanks so much.

GRK. said...

Also, their drummer's called Leg.


Anonymous said...

Their weirdness/obscurness is our gain. Thanks again Aesop!

-the anonymous jew