Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Here's an early bit of Dutch Black Metal from way back in 1993. Engraved hailed from the quaint, flat, tulip field known as Rotterdam and released a few demos and this one 7" EP before crawling into the crypt of obscurity forever. Ninkharsag is a pretty by-the-numbers typical '93 Black Metal release with its outmoded keyboard intro, songs that vacillate between mournful crawls and chaotic, icy blasts, but there is enough atmosphere and ancient teenage mysticism within this twenty-seven minutes to satisfy the most staunch kvlt devotee.


Metal2hu said...

The aspect I always love about these early Black Metal releases is the minimalism of the cover art. It makes the album both mysterious and enticing, does it not?

Hey Garland, I Dig Your Tweed Coat said...

^ Agreed,
Also checked out your blog BreadGod. Some good shit there hoping it gets pulled out of the realms of obscurity soon. Either way I'll keep inhabiting it :)

Thanks for uploading Aesop, really appreciated

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Jesus fucking Satan, that logo is a masterpiece!

LeechFarm said...

Seriously, as soon as I saw the cover: Fuck Yes!

Thanks A!

Deschain said...

Very nice. Thank you sir.