Saturday, March 15, 2008

Metal Is Death, Death Is Metal

Nunslaughter are an American institution. After more than 20 years, and almost 100 releases (partially due to a lack of quality control) these masters of Pennsylvanian hunger (now relocated to Ohio) have earned a rightful spot in the pantheon of true American death metal. Trends may come and go, but Nunslaughter's brand of no-frills thrashing satanic death is as unchanging as death itself. Hells Unholy Fire, unleashed in 2000, was the band's first official full-length album and remains their best material to date. The beauty of Nunslaughter lies in their simple, almost cartoonish approach to songs with titles like "Death By The Dead", "Perversion of Gore" and "Inverted Churches." Even the band member's names are perfect, Don of The Dead, Jim Sadist, Gregoroth and Duaniac, although at the time of this writing, Duaniac and Gregoroth have since departed for blacker pastures. I had the opportunity to see Nunslaughter a few times when my band traveled to Southern California with them. The between song banter was the best I have ever heard with Don and Jim trading quips like a pair of satanic borscht belt comedians. Jim: Who was that lovely lady I saw you with last night, Don? Don: Why that was no lady, that was a satanic sluuuuuut!!! Then the band would launch into their hit "Satanic Slut." Moments like these can really give a metalhead pause. Are they joking? Is this some kind of ironic snicker fest wrapped in denim and leather? Hard to say really, and really who cares? Inside jokes rarely last twenty years, neither do satanic death metal bands, but with any luck Nunslaughter will continue to curse and blaspheme well into the next twenty years. As the band likes to say, "Metal is Death, Death is Metal, Nunslaughter IS Death Metal."


nick abe said...

Nunslaughter...nice. maybe it was the fact that i was introduced to both around the same time, or the compound wording titles...but i cant help to think of Angelcorpse, as well, whenever i fondly recollect Nunslaughter.

Anonymous said...

uuuuugh! such an enjoyable take-as-is kinda band. Heard of these cats years back through their Radio Damnation release on Barbarian Wrath, absolutely one the greatest purveyors of simple, dirty metal around. Always thought these guys jived really well with much of that label's roster with Megiddo, Countess, Gravewurm, Upwards of Endtime and Sithlord being some standouts. Megiddo especially. Words don't do their debut album The Devil and The Whore justice!

S-Bowlin said...

Nuns Laughter

There's a great video interview with them on youtube where they get interviewed in a graveyard. In the middle of the day. That's brutality.

eastcobbx3 said...

it's all about "raid the convent" of their next album "goat"