Friday, February 24, 2012

Goat Father

Finis Gloria Dei is another excellent band from the same camp as Seigneur Voland, Blessed In Sin, Desolation Triumphalis and the like. I believe this unit's mission statement is to be more Satanic than the member's other bands. Goat: Father of the New Flesh, Finis Gloria Dei's sole full length, musically reminds me of Grand's Belial's Key, and the more Celtic Frosted moments of Darkthrone. These guys lack some of the melodic sensibilities you may have come to associate with the French Black Metal, but they make up for it with simple, effective, headbanging riffs. Goat: Father of the New Flesh is a triumph of good old fashioned Satanic Black Metal.


pavel said...

The Seigneur Voland namedrop alone got me stoked for this.

Anicon said...

Good stuff, thank you! I've been listening to that Desolation Triumphalis quite a bit lately, glad to hear more from that camp. I missed the Seigneur Voland entry the first time around and when I went to download it there was a crazy FBI warning instead.

Ambassador MAGMA said...

Hell oui!