Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nos Vrolok

Nos Vrolok, one of California's best black metal bands. They incorporate elements of thrash and classic metal to their satanic darkness. They have two great albums out, but it is this demo, with its weird xerox cover art, that first introduced me to this band. I discovered this while at a friend's house. He used to book metal shows in San Francisco, and received this from the band who were hoping to land a gig. Why he didn't absolutely shit himself over this demo, or why he never gave them a show remains a mystery, but either way I was pretty happy to get my hands on this, it fucking slays. Here


nano247 said...

wow, this is some dirty rotten black metal with the 'recorded in the basement' sound, thanks for taking the time to rip/upload

Aesop said...

Thanks, unrealbe, I will bookmark it.

Velkaarn said...

Seems interesting, I'll give it a shot. Excellent blog, by the way!