Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I imagine there were abut a million bands calling themselves Gypsy in the '80s but this post is about a young band of Swedish hopefuls who managed just one single in their time, but what a record it is. "Explosive Hangover" starts with a mournful acoustic guitar intro but soon jumps up to a mid-tempo rocker about waking up after a particularly drunken night. Our protagonist wakes to find a strange girl in his bed but not much else happens other than a clumsy guitar solo. "World War III" has a more 70s hard rock vibe, and fairly typical lyrics about the anxiety young people faced in the '80s around nuclear arms proliferation, a much more serious concern than waking up with some tramp you don't remember. So, Gypsy weren't all that good, but this record is a charmer, and at seven minutes, doesn't wear out it's welcome.

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