Saturday, January 14, 2012


Greg Ginn was bored with Flag and formed Gone. Gone released two albums in 1986. People didn't really take to these, but I did, and I still do. Reminds me of skateboards, Southern California, and rat weed, and no annoying vocalist or trite lyrics to spoil the sun-baked, dirt high, lowride of the whole affair. Get fucking Gone.


Stefan Poag said...

I remember seeing Gone/Black Flag years and years and years ago at Turner's Hall in Saint Louis (any St. Lou people out there remember Turner's on the North side?). Thanks for this.


I also dig this. What dya think about DC3? Painted Willie?

Aesop said...

DC3 Yes, Painted Willie, not so much

eatmydump said...

Love those first two Gone records. The others, ehhhhhhh not so much.

Darryl Whalen said...

This is the kind of thing that makes me grateful to be as old as i am.
Never saw Gone but loved them and listened to them.
Love SST, Love the DC3 LP (was there more than one?) and love Gregg Ginn.
30 years ago (wow! - where's my walker?), i saw Black Flag in Cleveland and spoke with Gregg when they toured with Saccharine Trust.
I have no idea how he was behind the mask, though in person he was a true blue guy and great to talk with.
Of course, he is an amazing guitarist and put a huge stamp on the music world with many of his projects, and SST Records (I believe that the 1st St. Vitus LP was on SST).
Thanks Hearse!

socrates said...

i bought this album and the first Blind Idiot God tape through the SST mailorder many years ago and was highly disappointed that it didn't sound like early black flag or the descendents...... but over the years i eventually learned to love it. great band