Thursday, April 17, 2008

Evocation of Badb

"Wold embraces the Mytho Poetic; the communication is expressed through our music, and theoretical as well as practical work done through our Woldclan brotherhood. Wold venerate our ancestors and cultures through myth and existence, and remain open and reflective to other effective metaphors. Wold promote awareness. Wold strive for honour and dignity above materialistic lies and novelty culture. Wold solemnly swear to adhere to the law of the Self." Wold are a mysterious Canadian band that bridge the gap between Black Metal and Power Electronics. Badb was a tape limited to 100.


S-Bowlin said...

Oh heck yes. I've been dying to check out the Wold demos. Any chance of you posting a part deux of the other one?

Anonymous said...

You link is missing the "h" from htpp :) Anyway I wasnt to keen on L.O.M.T.P. it was good but nothing amazing, but loved Screech Owl. Hopefully this along the lines of the latter. Thanks!

Aesop said...


Aesop said...


nano247 said...

killer noise
fuck i just got turned onto 'screech owl' from a friend of mine
and had remebered this post
keep up the awesomeness dude