Monday, April 7, 2008

Tudo Chover Pedras Negra Metal!!!

Cruor Cultum are a Brazilian band that worship at the bloody altar of Norwegian black metal circa early '90s. In fact they sound alot like Gorgoroth did when Gorgoroth was about Satan and darkness rather than infighting and lawyers. The duo of Lord Mephyr and Hamon don't draw things out too much, the songs are concise, effective hymns for the horned one. This gives Cruor Cultum the opportunity to showcase an arsenal of melodic riffs. Cruor Cultum is so dedicated to the rules of traditional norse black metal they've create something of a tribute album in Bloody Days on the Altar . It is rule!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Overall this is pretty good. I wish there was more low end in the recording, but I guess that wouldn't really fit the Black Metal mold. I could be wrong, but the drummer sounds like he loses his time a little bit here and there, and he's only really got one fill. Still, pretty evil sounding. I'll be sure and play this when my girl's Lutheran mom comes to visit.