Friday, July 18, 2008

My Solid Ground

Well, by looking at that cornball "Free To Be You And Me" looking cover, you might not expect to have your mind blown by this album by Krautrock outsiders, My Solid Ground. But you have my word, My Solid Ground could be as menacing and trippy as Amon Düül or Magma , and still lay down some choice blotter acid rock. And here's the kicker: chief songwriter and guitarist/singer, Bernhard Rendel was barely 17 when this album was recorded in 1971! Clearly skilled beyond his years, Rendel's assembled this amazing band of Frankfurt hop-heads to record what would be their only album. Enjoy.


whiteray said...

Hi -- You might be interested in this:

Aesop said...

Wow, so this raging plagiarizing fucktard just steals other people's writing and credits himself with no regard for the time or effort someone else spent to write, rip, and upload. What a fucking douchebag. But I guess this kind of blatant and unfetterd laziness isn't uncommon. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

Aesop said...

Wow, further inspection reveals that this subhuman dickwad has stolen about 10 or 15 posts from the Hearse as well as posts from other blogs like DOwn Underground...

I don't mind people reposting links or even my reviews but is it too much to ask for credit where it is due? I pride myself on the fact that I write something, ANYTHING for each thing I post. If you're reading this, Paul Durango, give bloggers credit for the shit you steal, otherwise you just come off like a laughable pole-smoking asshole.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

thought you already knew about him as you´re not the only victim of his "work" and several bloggers wrote about that idiot. but none was as precise as you: "subhuman dickwad" ... I love it when you get nasty!

you mentioned AMON DÜÜL they are from the town I live and a cause of a story best untold I know their guitar player who´s a recovering heroin addict/alcoholic now and somehow regrets that "the shit with DÜÜL" went so far out of hand. very strange guy! the life he lived def left it´s marks on him.
I´ve to admit that every time I see him I wonder what a 20+ period of alcohol and heroin abuse would do to me! but somehow I´m not curious enough to give find out!

oh, and b.t.w. I apologize for disobeying your orders but when I saw the LUDICRA stuff on a blog (with a comment from you) I couldn´t resist temptation and d/l it all.
may have something to do with my soft spot for female vocals but after listening to most of it several times I´ve to say that I think LUDICRA is a good band!

Aesop said...

No, before today I never knew about this stunted clown pocket plagiarizing thief. Unbelievable. He's also fond of stealing shit from DOWN UNDERGROUND. I don't think Mark was aware.

Before I was in Agalloch, they had coffee with the woman from Duul, she works at a record store in Berlin. Recently I was in your neck of the woods with Agalloch, we played a fest in Lichtenfels.

Oh, I cetainly don't mind people d/l ing Ludicra stuff, I have plans to post our OOP debut soon. I'd be a raging hypocrite if I got bent out of shape on that. Anyways, it's not as if we were getting any $ from anyone. Music is art, art is NOT commodity, my art is no exception.

Tomorrow's post will have a lengthy rant about Paul and his unwillingness to credit me for my genius.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

my neck of the wood as an American uses the term I guess? we Europeans see things a little bit different. I don´t know which Lichtenfels you´re talking about but Berlin is 500 km from where I live.

if you´re ever in my neck of the wood with LUDICRA drop me a line and I might show up and say hi!

if you´re here with AGALLOCH drop me a line too but I admit that the chances I show up there are rather thin! when I listened to AGALLOCH for the sake of checking out AGALLOCH my girlfriend asked me if I´m depressed or what else is wrong with me! I should add that what I listen to normally is just horrible noise to her when I´m not listening to Rap, Madonna or J. Cash!

I´m looking forward to your rant!

Ambassador MAGMA said...

I like the irony of standing on letters held up by a gaggle (?) of pigs as "solid ground." Anything düül-related or compared could possibly blow my mind. Literally, as if my mind has a weenus!