Saturday, July 12, 2008

Triumf Of Complete And Utter Darkness

Here's an excellent international Black Metal comp released by Desastrious Records out of Texas in 2002. Many of the bands here are clearly NS, but not all. The CD was limited to 500 copies and comes with a well-done booklet in which each band has a page for lyrics, pictures of members with corpsepaint with medieval weaponry, or whatever Third Reich imagery that makes their pale peters reach out and say "Sieg Heil!" A few extra horns up for some choice cover art that looks as if it might have been done by an inmate of a state prison, and the cryptic ESL message on the insert stating A MUSIC OF ELITE FOR ELITE'S MINDS. Standout tracks come from Triumvirat Xul, Bilskirnir, Ecclesia Satani, and Nos Vrolok. The tracklist:

Intro-Nordwind (Germany)
And Die In Silence-Nordwind (Germany)
Fullmoon Rites-Graven (Germany)
Condemnation-Secrets Of The Moon (Germany)
The Secret Doctrine-Triumvirat Xul (Germany)
Schneewuste-Nordreich (Germany)
Nordland Erwache-Holocaustus (Germany)
Sonnenwende-Bilskirnir (Germany)
Arisches Blut-Aryan Blood (Germany)
Bereit-Sieg Oder Tod (Germany)
The Evil Corner-Ecclesia Satani (Poland)
Bloed En Ere-Elfenbloed (Belgium)
Total Krieg-Kwelhekse (Belgium)
Poussiere D'Etoiles-Nuit Noire (France)
La Quintessence Des Ages-Walpurgis (France)
Army Of The Black Death-Bellum (USA)
Cunts-Seemingly, Salivating-Nos Vrolok (USA)
Open Your Eyes-Infernal Hatred (USA)
Abating Life (Outro)-Azrael (USA)


eric said...

Can you point me in the direction of where I could pick up some more Nos Vrolok? You mentioned two albums when you posted the demo, but I'm not finding ANYTHING about these guys online. Thanks.

Aesop said...

Eric, I couldn't find the other records on other blogs, but if you can be patient I will get around to posting them.

Jake Thee Pope said...

Shee-it... no love for Secrets of the Moon??! "Carved in Stigmata Wounds" is/was a headfuck of an album; has that heavily occult mystique Necros Christos are mining the shit outta as well. Gotta love them Hyperborean Satan Suckers!

Ah yes, this comp is most excellent-- cheers A to tha' muthfuckin' Sop.

vugelnox said...

Of all the bands on here I own albums from precisely one of them, Bilskirnir. Their first album 'In Flames of Purification' which is the best stuff I've heard from them and their most recent album Wotansvolk which is good but a little less harsh sounding. Still all rather enjoyable Graveland styled black metal. I'll def have to give this comp a listen.

acl said...

fucking great comp! any odea where i can find those 2 nordwind demos? ive got the soulseek hounds on the trail, but that shits looking pretty obscure.

Aesop said...

Vugel, yes Bilskirnir is great, I love Widar's use of major chord progressions. Makes it sound almost like a Black Metal pop punk band, but not pop-punk like Fallout Boy, more like a nasty racist Screeching Weasel.

Aesop said...

Acl, good luck. I haven't been able to score anymore Nordwind stuff.

acl said...

apparently they only released two demos as nordwind and then changed their name to nocti vagus and released an lp. i found that one:

Anonymous said...

How can i get a copy of this?

Aesop said...

You could start here:

Ambassador MAGMA said...

i haven't listened to it yet but the cover already gives me a boner!

eric said...

I would be extremely appreciative of some Nos Vrolok albums, but yes, take your time. This blog is the gift that keeps on giving and the variety is what makes it so awesome. You give me El Ritual. You give me Rag I Ryggen. You give me ZZ Top. You give me Nos Vrolok. You give me Nigga Titties Damn! You rule.

And now I have Aryan Blood in my playlist! Like the man said, "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."

NoCtUrNuS said...

Good to see some appreciaters of my comp a created many years ago. To answer correctly, yes I drew the cover but I've never been in prison (haha). Up until this comp I drew all the covers for Desastrious releases. I got shit from the printing press because of the all ns stuff in it but it was well worth it. Most of the bands were hand picked by me cuz I had the demo and like the song and a few got on their because TRV (from Flammentod) wanted them on there. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Maybe someone can find and scan the booklet!!

Aesop said...

Thanks for putting out so much cool stuff, NoCtUrNuS.

Anonymous said...

buen aporte.....

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

::: :::

Anonymous said...

hell yeah..ruling honkyblackmetal shit..the comment about the cover looking like it was drawn by someone in prison is why i keep coming back to your blog dude..the writing is awesome. you rule balls aesop

P A J O said...

Now THIS is a fucking comp to be proud of! Bilskirnir and Azrael were the only two bands I'd heard before so this is amazing to me. Wish I had this on vinyl. Incredible cover art!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please upload the Infernal Hatred/Aryan Tormentor split? I want to hear the tracks from the "The Time Will Come Again" demo.