Sunday, July 27, 2008


I Teoremi (The Theories) were a brilliant, young prog band from Rome. This album, released in 1972 was to be the band's only statement. The songs range from downright hard psych to mathy numbers, to dreamier passages, all with the typically melodramatic Italian vocals of a character called Lord Enzo. You will love this album, especially if your name is Don Anderson.


Anonymous said...

yes, this rules! One of my new faves of it-prog right now... thanks!

Aesop said...

Professor Anderson?

Nid said...

Do you have the song titles for this one?

Aesop said...

I pulled this from Rate Your Music but my rip seems to not be in the same order. I apologize.

1 Impressione 7:23
2 Mare Della Tranquillita 9:01
3 Passi Da Gigante 4:06
4 Nuvola Che Copri Il Sole 5:30
5 Qualcosa D'Irreale 5:09
6 Il Dialogo D'Un Pazzo 4:46
7 A Chi Non Sara Piu 4:47

Anonymous said...

i love this record(and my name is not Don Anderson).

Nid said...

Thanks! You're really doing a great service by putting all this cool, weird music up here. I've discovered quite a few things that I've enjoyed.

Aesop said...

Arend, thanks for leaving comments. Wish more people would. I enjoy doing this blog and will keep on.

Steven said...

Listened to this a couple of times now. I dig it. Goes nicely with some Toad.

Anonymous said...

this stuff is brilliant, track two is insane!

teoremi translates to theorem on babelfish: "a formula, proposition, or statement in mathematics or logic deduced or to be deduced from other formulas or propositions"

kinda makes sense with their music.

anyways, thanks!

Anonymous said...

also check this out:

full size images of the album (roll mouse over text)

Anonymous said...

Hey dude. Just letting you know that I've done some investigation, and there's actually a track missing from your album. I found an alternate download which has all nine tracks, in m4a (which I can't use). The bitrate's higher too, which will make the nerds happy.

Still, this is fantastic, so thanks for posting about them.

LeechFarm said...

What the hell do they put in the water in Italy? Love that far-out prog, esp with foreign language lyrics. Keep up the good works!