Monday, December 17, 2007


Here's another neglected pearl from 1972, Cargo from Holland's only album. The band centered around brothers Ad and Jan de Hont, who had a modicum of success with the band September. Cargo played trippy, hard psych that calls you to saddle up your pegacorn and take to the skies, or merely load up your ceramic wizard bong and take to the sofa. Check out the de Hont brother's acid-soaked guitargument during "Cross Talking." Cargo kept the vocals to minimum, favoring balls out jamming. The album's closer, the witchy "Summerfair" has some pretty cool singing, but it's more about Cargo just going for it. This was released at some point as a cd with September's singles as bonus fluff, but I have chosen to give you the four songs that originally appeared on the vinyl in 1972, as the September stuff is nothing special. Okay, let's get high.


Blazed said...

I'm loving your music blog, Aesop!
Thanks for sharing all of these great tunes, except the Wolven Howl which made me crazy for minute.

wogbog said...

Nice recommendation, I definitely enjoyed this a lot, especially since I've been liking a lot of 70s rock but haven't been sure where to look.