Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Pirate Impaled Album

Impaled are a death metal band, perhaps you've heard of them. While their better known peers churn out cookie cutter viscera about chopping up tits, Impaled do their best to utterly undermine the gore-dinary with the sharpest of scalpels -- a sense of humor, not to mention they also puke forth some of the most hook-laden death metal since Carcass shat out "Necroticism." I have been friends with the members of Impaled for the last 8 years and I know first hand that as well as being incredibly smart, they are also incredibly smart ass, which is precisely why "The Pirate Impaled Album" exists. Just before the release of their highly-anticipated new album "The Last Gasp," the band leaked this "alternate" version. I imagine this probably disappointed a few pimply kids in cargo pants in the red states who retaliated by posting in their blogs that "Impaled was no longer brutal," but this is (and will always remain) the best pirated death metal album ever!!!!

Download it here: