Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prostrate To The Black Tyrants

Rites "Prostrate To The Black Tyrants"
10 things about Rites and this great demo:
1. Rites are from Tallahassee, Florida.
2. They obviously love Bathory's "The Return".
3. They only made 100 of these tapes in 2005.
4. "Death Dealer" is a Slaughter cover.
5. One man is called Death Fetish
6. Another is Slaughterlord Heretic
7. and the last is Profane Sadopriest
8. They fucking kill!
9. They fucking destroy!
10. You can get it here:


TheTheory said...

No comments? This is fucking awesome. In fact... in fucking destroys.

Anonymous said...

I loled at the names. Also think the Return is Bathory's best album, so I must listen to this.