Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mighty Sphincter ep

Mighty Sphincter were Arizona's acid soaked goth kings of high weirdness. This was their debut, and it is an ugly, swirling, drug-fueled skull fucking ride to the knotty peaks of schizophrenia mountain. Mighty Sphincter spew forth four songs with some oddly engaging guitar playing and manic jazzy drumming. Uncomfortable and cummy. Shimmering yet dark. The whole twisted affair is wrapped up with Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral" Sphincterized into "Electric Hose-Bag."


Unknown said...

Thanks for the blog and links! I had to download the VH and Mercyful Fate stuff. Funny comment on the Load post about crack and stupidity, I was in a band that played a few dates in Florida with them and that is a great way to sum it up. Do you know what the hell they are up to now?

Aesop said...

You are most welcome, Joseph. I grew up with some of the members of LOAD, but lost track of them after they broke up. There was a final cd called "Feel The Power" released that was just okay. Jeff, the guitar player, wrote ma few years back and told me of his new band but I forgot the name. LOAD was truly truly great. I plan on posting all their vinyl releases here eventually. Check back often.