Monday, December 3, 2007

The Execute "Blunt Sleazy"

The Execute, from Tokyo, were one of the better known and respected Japanese hardcore bands. For me they were always a band I wanted to like more than I did. They seemed to change their sound with each release and their later attempts at corny goth rock didn't help matters. "Blunt Sleazy," The Execute's ep from 1985 is awesome, however, rocking metallic hardcore with a slight Motorhead groove and great cavernous production. here:


Erich said...

A nice 7", but as you said - one would like to like it better. I sold the "Hardcore Temptation" 7" on ebay when I needed money. I wish I had kept it cuz it was, along with the hard to get flexi, the band's musical peak.

PiLÓN said...

hey this record is really great
it's a 12" but just with 4 songs
i would say its a fuckin classic LOL
and agreed with that "cavernous production"
first heard it from hear"""""""""