Sunday, December 2, 2007

Punk Yappie Cutting Tree

Here we have "Fatanarchy On Airtube", the collaborative aural assault from Japan's Hanatarashi (the pre-Boredoms noise group of Eye) and the U.S.A.'s Evil Moisture. The two entities share a love torturing the ears of their listeners with over-blown distorted noise. What we have here is a nasty collection of fast edits culled from a wide array of sources, samples (including Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger"), feedback, drones, screams in quick jabs and blasts. One of the songs is supposedly an Exploited cover, but how anybody could tell is beyond me. The whole thing conceptually seems to be a tribute to/piss take on punk. If you could imagine the clip-art collage aesthetic of a wall full of punk fliers transformed into sound, you might get an idea of what this is like. It's probably best to just experience it for yourself. Oh, and I swear I heard a milisecond of "Circle A" by the early Swiss grind band, Fear of God in there.


1 comment:

godwaffle noise pancakes said...

evil m /squatter/is from france/ex pat of london. he just played k lavey's halloween show and a godwaffle noise show. where the hell were you? are you afraid he might cut up winger's "my conan, my love" or something? cmon. you dont hate pancakes do you, cuz that's totally un brutal.