Saturday, December 1, 2007


Skorpio from Hungary. Ultra hyper percussive funk-prog- hard rock from Eastern Europe. Chunky guitars, cowbells, sing along choruses, crazy organs, sideburns, and platform shoes. This record could be the soundtrack to an incredibly fucked up blaxplotation flick or the greatest coke party that Budapest ever saw. Either way you win. "A Rohanas" (The Rush), the group's first album, was issued in 1973. They followed up in 1974 with "Ünnepnap" (Feast), an equally fantastic album.

The Band:
Frenreisz Karoly Bass, Sax
Szucs Antal Gabor Guitar
Papp Gyula Keyboards
Gekete Gabor Drums, Percussion

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Anonymous said...

Hehee, I have that lp!

Uncle Dirt said...

Oh and this one too! Christ the otherlp is killer! Silver dollar nipples! Ha! Fuck that and panty hamster kill me!

Cheers again!

Uncle Dirt