Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lebanese Unease

Xardas is a guy from Lebanon. Xardas does have a few bands, mainly Kafan, but it is this solo endeavor that interests me the most. "Chapter 1" starts off with the sound of a television broadcasting a Lebanese TV show complete with canned laughter, then a lone gloomy guitar. Both guitar and television continue through the 15 minutes of the tape giving the impression that Xardas just happened to be watching television as he recorded "Chapter 1" rather than the TV acting as any kind of statement or thematic element. And who is the mysterious yeti-ghost whose illuminated eyes peer through the darkness of the cover art, and what does it have to do with Xardas or Lebanese television? Any recording that raises more questions than it answers holds a special place in my heart. Damn you, Xardas, what are you?



-Unseen said...

Listening to this as I type, and WOW! is it beautiful. I like the TV in the background, as it adds to this image in my mind of some sinister being lurking in the shadows of some unsuspecting SWF's apartment, in the middle of the night, waiting for his moment to strike.

She is _doomed_!

(Thanks for this gem. Any idea how I can actually buy this or support the guy in some way?)

hydra said...


The artist's (Xardas) personal website is at:

The only place I've seen still stocking this tape is

-Unseen said...

Thanks, Hydra. I'll look into that now.