Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Heavy Metal Rules!

How about some ultra-rare NWOBHM? Here's Nightime Flyer's 1980 single "Out With a Vengeance." The a-side is an upbeat rocking tune that would accompany any dart tournament nicely, but the b-side is the real treasure here. "Heavy Metal Rules" is a sleazy number that warns of a superhuman rock demon who shoots lightning from his eyes. It contains the awesome lyric "The symbol of his power's in the sweat on his chest" and, apparently, that is why "Heavy Metal Rules." Here:



RagnarR said...

Thanks for posting this. I've always wondered what they sounded like. Kinda odd vocals but rather good. Though in "HM Rules" I was they'd sing more about said "lighting eyed superhuman" instead overdoing that chorus. That said, I'll give 'em credit since it's only 1980. (Hell, I was 10 then & just discovering what HM was). Slough Feg covered "HM Rules" their split 7" with Ironsword, but I haven't heard it though.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog.I was in a band with Phil the drummer from this lot.I've got a copy of the single too.Shame the guitar was out of tune though.

-Unseen said...

Great tune, and I'd love to hear the Slough Feg version.