Monday, December 3, 2007


Damn. Would you look at that cover? Is that honestly some kind of enraged rape hulk crushing copywright laws under his immense heaviness? Jesus! Look at his fucking fist ready to bash in your stupid mug. Check out the two naked ladies, are they dead? What the fuck? Elias Hulk were a five-piece UK hard rock/psych band. "Unchained" was the band's only album, and while not exactly the rampaging rock juggernaut that the album's art suggests, it is a very cool album. I imagine the art eventually caused some problems, the reissue on cd some time back had an entirely different (and lame) cover. Musically this sits right at the transition where psych bands were getting a bit heavier. There is a slunky hash oil film that coats "Unchained" which is most evident during the band's epic, "Been Around Too Long." Then comes the total caveman stomp of "Yesterday's Trip." Each of the songs presented here have their own distinct identity and feel. Then the whole stony party ends with "Ain't Got You" a dynamic wah wah freakout. This album should have gotten more attention than it did, I mean look at that cover. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Damn, this album is bad-ass. Like a cross between Can and Hawkwind.

Anonymous said...

Actually, from what I've heard, the incredible cover on display here isn't the original one, but one made for the vinyl reissue. The original 1st press album cover was rather lame too, depicting the members in some flat pose or something.

A truly great album nonetheless.