Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fuck You! Stay Punk!

"Fuck You Stay Punk", Pretty sage advice from Tom and Boot Boys, a japanese band with a love of punk and a disdain for articles of speech. I don't think anybody in the band is actually named Tom. I do know that some (or perhaps all) members were (or perhaps are) in the band The Discocks, another Oi band that is very popular in Japan. Here I have posted their 1999 ep "Fuck You! Stay Punk!" Sorry I don't have more info, but street punk and Oi were never really my bag. I only know of Tom and Boot Boys because I hung out with a member (can't recall his name) of the band back in 1996, when he happened to be staying at the same house my old band, Hickey, was in Boston. He was very nice and funny and he gave us several copies of their ep "Punks Are Alright" (which I no longer have) even though we explained to him the best we could, given the language barrier, that one would suffice. When we got home and threw that little record on we we're floored by how totally adorable it was with it's engrish lyrics and collage artwork of punks, kittens, and Santa Claus. Like a Hello Kitty produced Oi band, Tom and Boot Boys weren't about stomping "wogs" with their "lads", they were about fun, and, well,... kittens. I know, I know it's kinda lame to dote on something simply because it's weird, Japanese, and cute, but I stayed punk, so fuck you! If you don't enjoy this, you're already dead.


brandon said...

Tom and boot boys are badass. Fuck you! stay punk

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Anonymous said...

1,2,3,4 it the oi! power! how could one resist!