Monday, June 6, 2011


I have to thank my bandmate Jessica Way for pointing this one out to me. Cortex formed from the smoldering ashes of Swedish post punk outfit, Likit Lever, however Cortex went towards a darker schizo Death Rock direction. The band's debut album Spinal Injuries is pure black gold from start to finish. Oh, and I apologize for the lack of song titles. Maybe someone wants to post those in the comments.


Jonas L said...

Mind Of Darkness
Warrior Night
Fear Of Glass
Nightmare No. 74
Morning Moon
The Freaks
Mayhem Troopers
Napalm Sticks To Kids
5 Seconds
Flowers Of Evil

Amazing album..

ido said...

Very very nice.

1) Mind Of Darkness
2) Warrior Night
3) Fear Of Glass
4) Nightmare No. 74
5) Morning Moon
6) The Freaks
7) Mayhem Troopers
8) Napalm Sticks To Kids
9) 5 Seconds
10) Flowers Of Evil

Anonymous said...

A1 Mind Of Darkness
A2 Warrior Night
A3 Fear Of Glass
A4 Nightmare No. 74
A5 Morning Moon
B1 The Freaks
B2 Mayhem Troopers
B3 Napalm Sticks To Kids
B4 5 Seconds
B5 Flowers Of Evil

CTN said...

This is gold. The old band was called Liket Lever (The corpse lives) though. The vocalist Freddie Wadling went on to become a rather well-known solo artist in Sweden.

Lenart said...

1. Mind of darkness
2. Warrior night
3. Fear of glass
4. Nightmare no. 74
5. Morning moon
6. The freaks
7. Mayhem troopers
8. Napalm sticks to kids
9. 5 seconds
10. Flowers of evil

The original pressing featured only 10 tracks, as seen above. This band bore a huge influence on Bikini Kill.

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Here y'go chief, got 'em from Discogs -

1 Mind Of Darkness
2 Warrior Night
3 Fear Of Glass
4 Nightmare No. 74
5 Morning Moon
6 The Freaks
7 Mayhem Troopers
8 Napalm Sticks To Kids
9 5 Seconds
10 Flowers Of Evil

joel said...

looks like you tacked some spizz onto the end of this, which i cant object to at all. thanks for this - surprisingly, hadnt ever heard of, let alone heard it!

Max said...

A1 Mind Of Darkness
A2 Warrior Night
A3 Fear Of Glass
A4 Nightmare No. 74
A5 Morning Moon
B1 The Freaks
B2 Mayhem Troopers
B3 Napalm Sticks To Kids
B4 5 Seconds
B5 Flowers Of Evil

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be pain in the ass, but was it necessary to post song titles in comments seven times? :DD

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous, cause of comment moderation, these dudes probably didn't know that the others had already posted them to be fair :)

The Thing That Should Not Be said...

When I sent my comment, there weren't any others showing. I assume that was the case with the others, hence the repetition. Now shush :-D

Aesop said...

Makes for a good comment thread. I woke up today and moderated comments, I like that we have so many helpful readers that would take the time. Now how awesome is this record?

LeechFarm said...

Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks A for the rip and evryone for track list! The album bops and rocks!

Max said...

Track 16 got me.
Love the rest as well. Thanks.

JottEff said...

Awesome indeed.
Never heard of them before, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Nice that they took the time to slow it down and add some unexpected instrumental layers. Lyrics and delivery aren't half-bad for the subject matter.

"But some swing it was maybe sometimes and we had fun. I thought it was really fun working in studio, We borrowed a whole lot from Hawkwind and mixed it up with punk and some gothfeeling."

Avi said...

great band! I celebrate their entire catalog, but "Live at Urania" is another definite highlight

Michael Bukowski said...

I'm in love with this record!

Unknown said...

and Avi said "I celebrate their entire catalogue..."
Hee hee. Michael Bolton.
Yeah this one took me by surprise though I downloaded it when Aesop posted and just now listened this morning. SO good. I dunno why I expected less though, really. I'm going to California for the first time tomorrow to pick up a truck I bought on eBay. Flying out from Mississippi. This blog supplies my iPod for the cross country drive back home. All Hearse stuff. Hope to catch a show maybe in the LA area BTW, so if anybody has the lowdown on anything happening there this week. Not to hijack the thread...

RyGar said...

This is very cool. A lil' TSOL, a smack of Christian Death, toss in a bit of Sixx, and sprinkle with Bad Religion's "Into the Unknown." Bake for an hour. Garnish with The Vapors. Yummy cake for your ears.

Slobodan Burgher said...

love this lp
think it was one of my first posts at only in it years ago

Tom said...

This album is great! "Morning Moon" has the same chord progression as a million bad pop punk songs, but makes it sounds new and interesting. "Freaks" is probably my favorite song; it really stopped me in my tracks!

Anonymous said...

Cortex is really a good discover, but.. from 11 to 16 track... These are not from Cortex album, they are punk bands I don't recognize. Only I found the name of the track 12 called: "Red and Black" by a little known band of 1980 named "Athletico Spizz 80" from the "Do A Runner album" here: (this is not my blog)
the other unknown tracks still I'm looking for it cause they are catchy songs .
yes I think I'm a fuckwit...

Anonymous said...

im a fuckwit too! And you are all awesome! :D

SS said...

What are tracks 11 to 16? Great album, I love "death rock" like this, though I don't think it really is death rock though... It's too original to classify any other way than their name.

SS said...

Does anyone know the lyrics to "Five Seconds"?

Anonymous said...

This is pretty cool, where did tracks 11-16 come from? It doesnt seem like you have the original casing this came in if you didn't have the tracklisting..

Unknown said...

Tracks 11-16 are from the B-side of Athletico Spizz 80 ‎– Do A Runner.