Friday, June 17, 2011

Savage Circle

Here's a self-released 7" from Savage Circle, an early NYC Hardcore band that never really got much attention. Savage Circle's Hardcore was sloppy and urgent, a bit generic, but to the point of being ridiculously cool. The band crashes through terse songs that are actually about nothing at all, kind of feat really. Savage Circle sort of remind me of the bands you would see on punksploitation episodes of '80s TV shows. I love this.


Anonymous said...

Anything like these guys?

Brushback said...

Oh, god, what a shitty band. Javi Savage wrote Big City fanzine and ran Big City Records. I guess Savage Circle was his half-assed attempt to be in a band, also. Didn't pan out so well.

GRK. said...

Best telly punxploitation ever: