Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Saarland:Land Of The Eternal Night

What the fuck is going on in Saarland? The German state is home to some strange Black Metal bands, Grausamkeit, Corneus, Old Pagan, Staub, Blod Besvimelse, and Birkabein. Birkabein was made up of Black Son of Darkness (Grausamkeit) and Machosias (Old Pagan). The band played the same kind of no-fi kvltitude as Grausamkeit. The Land Der Ewigen Nacht tape was limited to 131 copies. Why that number, I don't know.


Anonymous said...

131 would be the numerological equality of Samael or Pan. But for these two german freaks - I can't really say.
Thanks for a great blog btw.

o.kvlt said...

thank you for all the saarland stuff! i live in "rheinland-pfalz" - only a few miles from the saarland.
my favourite saarland band is blod besvimelse. it is sad that there are only 3 tracks of this nice band....

Anonymous said...

Actually in the 90's there were just a few people active in BM in the Saarland.
The most active by far was B.S.O.D., his solo projects include Grausamkeit, Corneus, Anger of Gods, Heroin Makes Happy and some more. He was also the drummer of Dethroned, this band is currently active again. Unfortunantely he developed a drug addiction and is no longer active.
Blod Besvimelse recorded at least one other demo, it was the project of B.S.O.D.'s then-wife.
Staub is from Frankfurt, not the Saarland.
Old Pagan was a project by Machosias, drummer of Pagan Winter.
A better known project from that circle is Wigrid. Perhaps you have also heard of Finsterwald.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I wrote Staub was from Frankfurt...I must have confused the project with another one from R.A.C.B. Records (from Frankfurt) where the Staub tapes were released. I haven't seen all these guys in years, so I have trouble remembering every tape.

jb said...

love this stuff, thank you. also dig the staub cassette, any chance of some more of this stuff from these guys? also, btw not sure if my download was fucked, but i seem to be missing track 7...thanks again for the great music.

Avenger said...

The confusion with STAUB probably comes from the fact he printed Machosias contact adress in the releases. STAUB was the solo project done by the guy from RACB Records.
He is also not active anymore.