Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vomit Eat Shit Noise Music

The second album from The Hanatarash, sometimes called "Maw" bears the provocative statement in the liners "Kill all noise artists! We hate Whitehouse. Piss off N.W.W. Asshole C 93. Suck P.T.V. Fuck Coil. We love disco sound. Vomit eat shit noise music." Indeed.


Anonymous said...

...i'll bite


Np said...

Insanity to die to. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite noise records ever, thanks a million. Here's the track list for those who want it.

1. We eat
2. We bite bollocks
3. Mind dig
4. Frog girl 9000
5. We see
6. My dad is car
7. Detroit rock city
8. Vortex shit
9. No noise
10. Gag nuts gum
11. Boat people hate fuck
12. We can kill
13. Bad sound for bad ear
14. Apartheidfunclub
15. We are meat
16. California sleep
17. We hook
18. Pisshole surfers

Aesop said...

Awesome. Thanks.

agent chaos said...

hanatarash is beast.

Anonymous said...

i have hanatarash 3. if you want it, how do i upload it to you?

Aesop said...

Tediouslimbs, thanks but I have all of their stuff digitally, looking for actual albums and CDs.

Slobodan Burgher said...

bulldozer the fans. i have had lots of fun with this record (and this band), obviously i am deaf now.

Anonymous said...

man,could you please repost this piece of noisy art? maybe in mediafire? thanks (:3
Still searchin for "We Are Hardcore Lp" more distortion til deafnessssss....

ps : Could anyone tell me if there's a copy to download of this? by
Kyoaku-Kyojin-Dan (yes,it's the band name...SKB on vox..)
"Kill Kill Kill 7''EP"
i'm literally kill all my nerves to got this one... thanks bro

by aaaaarrrghhhh,fuck,distort