Friday, May 30, 2008

My Name Is God...FUCK YOU!!!

Hated Youth were from Tallahassee, Florida. They existed from 1981-1984 and they were every bit as feral as D.R.I., Negative Approach, or Koro. They appeared on the quintessential Florida punk comp We Can't Help It If We're From Florida Here's a bunch of their shit for you. Oh, you did notice that dude is playing while laying on a pillow with a cast on his arm, didn't you? Just checking. Hardcore Rules!!!


COOL FOOL said...

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Pratl Power said...

Thanks man, not familiar with these guys but their lackadaisical lying on the floor pulled me in!

Vultch said...

love this 7inch. Bought a bootleg of this a couple of years ago. Very underated by many

Anonymous said...

One of best HC to come out of Fla, one of the best hardcore band of the 80s. Awesome photo, let me remark it was "very uncool" to have such short hair like that, except to old people , they loved it but noted holes in jeans stating "ya all need new dugerees..!" ..

Andy Rampage said...

This looks-like MORE *FUN* Than i DESERVE TO have!!!

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