Friday, May 2, 2008

The Pleasure Principle

"Glowing Red Pyramid," said Gary Numan, "now that I have disbanded Tubeway Army what should I do?"
"Go forth, young Gary Numan," said the Glowing Red Pyramid, "and make the coolest album of all time, but no guitars, too many guitars in the world."


"Oh, and Gary?"

"Yes, Glowing red pyramid?"

"I love you."

"Um, yeah, love you too."



Anonymous said...

I had such extreme love for this in junior high, pictures of Gary Numan on my walls and everything. The child, alas, doesn't get it. "Is this space music, mom? I think it's FOR BOYS!" Things being for boys basically means "this sucks, please turn it off, I am better than this music! PUT ON SOMETHING INSIPID NOW!!!"

Please kill me.

Oh wait. Track 3, Complex, just got a "put this song on your ipod, mommy." Maybe it's not so bad and less "FOR BOYS".

Anonymous said...

Quite strange album :D I just knew Gary from his covered track "Cars" by Fear Factory. But, the original is also a nice one...

btw, fantastic blog, Aesop. I nearly it every day =)

Roger Camden said...

Love this album with all of my heart.

Anonymous said...

M.E. is sampled in this really popular, bad, techno song from the nineties. its kinda interesting to hear it.

cdg said...

It's funny, cos I like a lot of the metal and punk you've posted, but I keep coming back to this album. It's pretty great. Thanks for introducing it to me.